I also painted my hedgehog’s portrait 😛

I got a blogger award!!!! Jumping up and down like a two-year old high on ice cream and cupcakes. (And likely just as irritating.)

This is my first blogger award ever, and I have the lovely Robin at Frannie Pantz to thank for it. I call her my “Paralegal Soul Sister” and am dying to go thrifting with her. (Although I suspect we’re about the same size, and I’d end up wrestling her to the floor if she was holding something I really wanted, very likely, with her excellent eye for style and color.)

This being my first blogger award, it possibly took me longer than your average bear to figure out what I’m supposed to do with it, but I’m pretty sure it’s share seven random facts about me, and then tag seven of my fave bloggers to receive the award and do the same. So here are the random facts:

  1. I did not discover I can draw and paint until I was 39 years old. For grins and giggles, I took one of those “So You Think You Can’t Draw But You Really Can” classes at a local private college. The instructor put an apple on the table. I drew it. She said, “What are you doing here? You can really draw.” I dunno, maybe I just never wanted to draw an apple before?  I haven’t picked up pen or pastel in two years, but you can see a little of my art in my Facebook photo album, “My fav is the BLUE CRAYON.” I miss creating art desperately, and it’s high on my priorities to get back to it soon.
  2. I was Captain of the High I.Q. team in high school. I loved slamming that buzzer. I think this makes me a contender for Queen of the Nerds.
  3. In college, my Victorian Novel professor pulled me aside before the final term paper was due, and said, “I think you are capable of doing much more than the paper topic I assigned.” (Who knew my essay on foot fetishes in Victorian literature had impressed him so much? :P) I thought he maybe meant dig a little deeper into Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers. At approximately 1400 pages, I was the only one in the class that actually read it in its entirety. Nope. He said, “I want you to write a paper about a common theme in The Pickwick Papers and Milton’s Paradise Lost.” Right. Er. Um. No thanks? Seriously, do you know how long Paradise Lost is? He was famous for giving only one A in all of his classes for each semester, and hell yeah, I earned it that semester 😛
  4. I could eat a tuna fish sandwich for dinner every night. If I didn’t want to be cremated, my tombstone would read, “I was happy with a tuna fish sandwich.”
  5. Last year I planted mint in front of my town home. Over the exceptionally rainy, warm winter, it escaped its pot, and as mint is known to do, is creeping everywhere, including over into my neighbor’s front yard. It smells so good and is so lovely, I don’t have the heart to pull the trespassing mint up yet. I’ll wait ’til she notices. I sort of have a history of plant fraud. My prior neighbor, known for being a bit tipply on a regular basis, called me once to ask if a beautiful tea rose bush in front of our homes was mine, because she wanted to pull it up. I said it was. I lied.
  6. I love reading glasses, especially unusual, artsy ones. I have reading glasses everywhere, in all the rooms of my house, at my office, and in my car. I resisted bifocals for so long, to the point I’d  sometimes wear a pair of reading glasses over my regular glasses, you know, double-glass it. Very lovely. Not. I’m pretty sure I’m now First Runner Up for Queen of the Nerds.
  7. From approximately seven years of age to….well, I don’t want to admit how long…I genuinely believed I was going to marry Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy as the hottest Vulcan off the planet, of course). I think I’ve definitely got Queen of the Nerds in the bag now.

Now, for the easier part, giving this Awesome Blogger Award to some of my fave bloggers. Robin already mentioned a few of them, and I know some of my other idols have already done it, so I’m going to see if I can highlight some that might not have done this already, in hopes that they will share seven random facts about themselves with their loyal followers, and then pass on the award to seven of their favorite bloggers:

  1. Lisa at Dreamz n Wishz
  2. Anne at The Frump Factor
  3. Ms. A at Ms. Austen’s Cubicle
  4. Karlin at Sass and Coffee
  5. Terri at Trophy Daughter
  6. LeeAnne at Style N Season
  7. Karen at Musings of the Lady Jessop

Thanks, Robin, this was fun!

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