For those of you not already familiar with North Carolina’s voluntary paralegal certification program, the State Bar approved and the N.C. Supreme Court adopted The Plan for Certification of Paralegals in 2004. North Carolina legal professionals hold the N.C. Certified Paralegal designation in great esteem, and the certification is often required of applicants for legal staffer jobs in this state.

A nine-member Paralegal Board is responsible for administering The Plan, and there is a vacancy coming open on the Board in October 2012. The Board is currently holding an election for this three-year term on the board. The five paralegal candidates on the ballot were selected by the Nominating Committee to run for the seat.

I am not blogging about this key event for North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegals (NCCPs) because I am one of the nominees, but because, to be honest, all the other candidates are so exceptional that even after reading their position statements several times, and knowing some of them quite well for years, I am having a hard time deciding who to vote for. The other four candidates have done a great deal for this state’s paralegals, and the paralegal profession as a whole. They are all extremely qualified to fill the upcoming board vacancy.

What I am asking is that all NCCPs eligible to vote do so. It’s quick, free, and online. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the N.C. Paralegal Certification website,
  2. Click on “Paralegal Login” at the top left-hand corner of the page.
  3. Enter your user name, which is your CP (Certified Paralegal) number, for example “CP00001” (which is not me, but I’m awful close), and the password you selected when you first registered for the paralegal member access section. (Can’t recall it? Me neither. Click on the red “Forgot Password?” and it will be emailed to you in a few seconds.)
  4. Once you’ve logged in, click the Voting tab at the top of the page. A brief explanation of the election process is provided, and then you click “Click here to begin Voting“.
  5. Then I encourage you to carefully read the position statements of all the candidates. Each candidate was limited to two paragraphs to describe her background and qualifications for the board vacancy. I think the other candidates’ statements are articulate, thoughtful, and well worth the read. They worked hard to reach the current level of their careers, and win or lose, for all of us this is an incredible honor just to be nominated.
  6. Once you’ve identified the person you’d like to fill the upcoming vacancy, vote by clicking the circle beside the candidate’s name. You can only vote once, otherwise I’d vote for everyone.
  7. The election closes on July 31, and the names of the two candidates with the highest number of votes will be forwarded to the Council for the remainder of the selection process.

Also, while you’re logged in anyway, please take the Paralegal Certification Survey. It will take you about 15 seconds, I promise. The Board wants to know what you think about the creation of specialty paralegal certifications for NCCPs. This is a key issue for you to weigh in on. The deadline to participate in the survey is July 15.

Source:  North Carolina Paralegal Certification

Addendum: This reminds me of my early days of blogging in 2008, when a paralegal from another state emailed me to tell me that I should stop calling myself a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal, because I was obviously a liar and a fraud, and state bars do not run paralegal certification programs. Boy, was that a fun email to respond to 🙂

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