Use ProfileGen.com to Create a Cool Facebook Banner

I know I can talk until I’m blue in the face about Twitter and convince maybe 1% of you to join, and then actually use it once you join, but I also know that many more of you are enthusiastic Facebook users. If you’re like me, you’re still getting used to the new Facebook profile,…

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New Contest: Practical Paralegalism Needs Facebook Friends

This may come as a complete surprise to perhaps three of you, but I was Empress of the Nerds in high school. Captain of the High I.Q. team, editor of the school literary magazine, and wearer of hideous prescription glasses for the nearly blind that made uber-nerd Steve Urkel look like Usher’s doppelganger. So maybe…

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National UnFriend Day: Cut Some of that Fat Out of Your Life

Jimmy Kimmel has proclaimed November 17 as National UnFriend Day (NUD). That’s the day you’re supposed to take a look at your 673 Facebook friends, and then unfriend all of them you wouldn’t recognize on the street, have absolutely no clue as to who they are, or most important, wouldn’t help you move this weekend.…

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