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Fictional Paralegals

Newest Movie Paralegal to Save the Firm in NSFW?

I like to say, as a paralegal, that you never know what you’re gonna have to do when you report to work, but the premise of action-adventure director Joe Johnston’s newest low budget thriller, Not Safe for Work (NSFW), is that a paralegal has to deal with a murdering destroyer of documents at work. I’ve…

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Paralegal Career Dressing: I Love My Wrinkles!

And I earned every single one of them fair and square. Seriously, the weather is weird here right now, chilly in the morning, but in the mid-70s during the day. I’d like to continue my summer trend of no pantyhose, but I’m so cold in the morning that I could really pull nice, warm tights…

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Today’s Quote: Icky and Dirty, Just Another Day at the Law Office

Ugh, does this paralegal take care of the dry-cleaning, too? And, truth be told, beyond the uninspiring name and the necessary yet somewhat icky unrequited sexual attraction between the new company employee, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), and paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), Suits manages to offer a confidently slick take on the world of…

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Today’s Quote: “Legal Assistant” to Shmooze Playboy Bunnies

On Oct. 10, the nation will get to see Beardmore shmooze 1963 Playboy Bunnies at 10 p.m. on NBC. Beardmore will play Roger Anderson, a “legal assistant” to the show’s male lead — lawyer Nick Dalton (played by Eddie Cibrian). ~ Excerpt from “Central Catholic Grad heads to NBC drama ‘Playboy Club’” (Journal and Courier)…

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Today’s Quote: How Dirty Is This Paralegal Willing to Get?

Producers have hired Guillermo Diaz to play one of the principal supporting characters. He’ll play a paralegal working in the main character’s firm that doubles as an expect hacker. He’s fiercely loyal and willing to get his hands dirty whenever his boss asks. Mixing things up was never a problem for his character on Weeds,…

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