A Fine Example of Getting to the Point

Greg Lambert wrote a post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog earlier this week about “The Art of Shorter Writing”. Having suffered from written verbal diarrhea all my life, I agree with him that modern professional writing has changed, and that the preferred style is clear, concise writing that gets the main point across…

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Today’s Quote: Somebody Has to Ask the Hard Questions

Okay, this is more than one quote, but these real Courtroom Quotations recorded for posterity (yay for us, not so much for the lawyers) from Things People Said make me feel better about some of the times I’ve opened my mouth and inserted my foot: Lawyer: “You were there until the time you left, is…

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The Exception to Every Grammar Rule

Legal professionals should subscribe to a few good grammar police blogs, for the laughs and the reminders that using bad grammar really does cost the writer major IQ points. I’m the first to point out grammar mistakes (and am happy to have mine pointed out, too) – but there is one occasion when I’ll let…

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