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Paralegal iPad: Why I Love the Reject Pogo Sketch Sylus I Won

I won something, I won something! I know, you’re thinking, “Big Whoop.” Anyhoo. I won the Pogo Sketch Stylus in iPad4Legal’s reject stylus giveaway from the “iPad Stylus Cage Match” post. I’m not even upset that it wasn’t New York attorney Patrick DiDomenico’s fave, and that it has a broken clip (which I didn’t realize…

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Book Review: iPad in One Hour for Lawyers

I’m pleased to confirm that the title of Tom Mighell’s new book, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers (American Bar Association, 2011), is pretty accurate in regard to time – if you’re a fast reader and have some experience with your iPad. If you’re using this excellent resource get your iPad up and going for…

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A Little LinkedIn Humor

People think LinkedIn is for serious professional networking only, but your cool contacts occasionally show off their sense of humor, too, as in this exchange, based on a status I posted to both Twitter and LinkedIn: One o’ my homies LinkedIn contacts, Chicago paralegal Eric Curtis, promptly quipped, “Did you eat the Little Debbie or…

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ParalegaliPad: A Paralegal Teaches My iPad New Tricks

The dog is especially cuddly ergonomic. If I could give Nebraska paralegal Christina Koch a standing ovation for her recent post at Paralegal Gateway, “iPad as a Legal Tool,” I would. (Well, I just did. But it was kinda wasted on the pillow pet I’m sitting on to make my home office work station more…

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