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Paralegal Education

Paralegal Student Profile: Taye Akinola

Taye Akinola Desired Job Title: Intellectual Property (IP) Paralegal Current Paralegal Program: Graduate Certificate, Texas State University-San Marcos, ABA-approved Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2012 Education/Degrees:  BA in graphic design; graduate certificate in deaf history; MA in deaf studies Desired Specialty Areas: Intellectual Property and eDiscovery Academic Highlight: Favorite class – Intellectual Property Future Professional Goals: To work as a Paralegal Manager/Supervisor…

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Is Getting a Paralegal Degree Just Wishful Thinking?

Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? Educator Alan Singer has written a thought-provoking post for the education section of The Huffington Post, “You Are Not Getting A Teaching Job Through The New York Times,” which I of course like because he supports my previous blog rants posts warning paralegal wannabes about online for-profit paralegal programs…

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Practical Paralegalism’s Top 2010 Posts

I admit I swiped the cool idea to rehash last year’s top 10 posts from several of my favorite legal bloggers. To get that information, I had to pay a rare visit to Google Analytics. I don’t pay much attention to Practical Paralegalism’s site statistics (definitely my bad), but what I discovered last night about…

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Useful FMLA/ADA Links

As I was downloading to my Dropbox account a PDF copy of the terrific CLE manual (to read later on my iPad) from the North Carolina Advocates for Justice recent 17th Annual Workplace Torts & Workers’ Comp seminar, I decided to share some of the useful links provided by my supervising attorney J. Griffin Morgan…

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Paralegal Profile: Lanice V. Heidbrink

Job Title: Assistant to Alice Mine, Assistant Executive Director, North Carolina State BarEmployer: North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh, NC Years of Paralegal Experience: 5 Education/Degrees: Bachelors in Business Administration – Columbia College, Columbia, MO; Paralegal Certificate from Meredith College, Raleigh, NC Specialty Areas: Administration Career Highlight: Being the Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association’s Student Chair for two…

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Another Reason to Reconsider an Online Paralegal Education

Sometimes I get email from readers asking if I recommend online paralegal training programs, Kaplan in particular. I personally don’t know any Kaplan-trained paralegals, certainly not locally. Occasionally, I see posts by alleged Kaplan students on the national paralegal listservs, complaining about their inability to get hired, posts that would give me serious pause if…

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