Virtual Paralegal Services

The types of substantive litigation support services I can provide include, but of course are not limited to:

  • Review and organization of complex medical records
  • Prepare medical chronologies.
  • Write medical and/or factual narratives.
  • Prepare deposition and document summaries.
  • Review and summarize discovery responses
  • Prepare detailed witness and background notebooks
  • Perform medical research
  • Prepare spreadsheets summarizing damages
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Meet Lynne

Lynne DeVenny is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal with over 27 years of experience working on complex litigation cases, including medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability.

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Lynne J. DeVenny, N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal

Owner & Virtual Paralegal, DeVenny Paralegal Services

Email: lynne.devenny[at]

Telephone: 336-582-0003

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