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Attention NCCPs: 2012 Board of Paralegal Certification Online Voting

By Lynne Devenny | July 3, 2012

For those of you not already familiar with North Carolina’s voluntary paralegal certification program, the State Bar approved and the N.C. Supreme Court adopted The Plan for Certification of Paralegals in 2004. North Carolina legal professionals hold the N.C. Certified Paralegal designation in great esteem, and the certification is often required of applicants for legal…

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Paralegal Voice Podcast: The Best Paralegal Law Technology Trends

By Lynne Devenny | June 4, 2012

The latest edition of The Paralegal Voice, “The Best Paralegal Law Technology Trends” co-hosted by Vicki Voisin and me, is now available at Legal Talk Network.This month’s guest expert, Jared D. Correia, Esq., the Senior Practice Advisor for Massachusetts’ Law Office Management Assistance Program (MASSLOMAP), shares his thoughts on everything from law practice management software,…

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Visible Monday & A Day to Remember

By Lynne Devenny | May 28, 2012

Why isn’t this post entitled “Paralegal Career Dressing”? Well, the pictures are from last Friday, when the office closed at noon. My outfit might be a little too casual for most conservative offices even on a Blue Jeans Friday, but I want to share the last refashion of  a very bleh blouse, using Megan’s beautiful…

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Awesome Blogger Award, Who Me?

By Lynne Devenny | May 18, 2012

I also painted my hedgehog’s portrait 😛 I got a blogger award!!!! Jumping up and down like a two-year old high on ice cream and cupcakes. (And likely just as irritating.) This is my first blogger award ever, and I have the lovely Robin at Frannie Pantz to thank for it. I call her my…

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NCBA Paralegal Division & RTPA Career Fair

By Lynne Devenny | May 14, 2012

Terrific Networking Opportunity for NC Paralegals The North Carolina Bar Association – Paralegal Division and the Research Triangle Paralegal Association request you save the date to attend: 2012 NC Bar Association – Paralegal Division and RTPA Career FairFriday, June 15, 2012 – 1:00 – 4:00 PMNorth Carolina Bar Center8000 Weston ParkwayCary, North Carolina 27513 The…

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A Paralegal’s Desk: You Missed My Inbox by a Mile

By Lynne Devenny | April 30, 2012

One of the biggest complaints I hear from legal support staffers is about activity that occurs while they are not at their desks, i.e. the dread piles of paper keft in their chairs or surreptitiously slipped among ongoing projects. By “surreptitiously” I mean in the dead of night, and usually not in that box clearly…

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It’s Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

By Lynne Devenny | April 25, 2012

Or, I Was So Crushed When I Found Out When? 4:42 p.m. Here’s my corroborating tweet: Seriously, what did your employer do today or this week to celebrate your administrative professional awesomeness? P.S. One of my co-workers pointed out we celebrate a lot at our firm, which is very true. And my boss buys me…

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Paralegal Career Dressing: Half of this Outfit Went to the ER

By Lynne Devenny | April 18, 2012

The Teen and I were heading out the door this morning, into a cool, dreary day, with routine school and work plans, and no more worries than a lack of preferred teen breakfast food in the house, when Sickle Cell Disease reared its very nasty head. One minute The Teen is taking some ibuprofen for…

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Practical Paralegalism’s Top 10 Paralegal Voice Podcasts

By Lynne Devenny | April 17, 2012

Even though Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor, and I have been working with Legal Talk Network to produce The Paralegal Voice podcast for over three years now, and Vicki and I both post monthly show notes for each podcast on our blogs, I still have loyal blog readers who confess they don’t know what a…

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Posts of Practical Paralegalism’s Easters Past

By Lynne Devenny | April 8, 2012

For readers new to Practical Paralegalism, I’m re-printing and sharing posts from Easter Past. One includes my personal assistant, Phoebe The Corginator, and the other includes my last entry in the ABA Journal’s annual Peeps in Law contest, which I’ve missed the last two years. 2010: Is It Accurate to Say I’ve Been Published by…

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